I have a rental out there – I’m in Vegas and have a hard time finding quality people to do service work. So when my tenant said the ac was out, I didn’t know where to start looking for a repair guy. She said she called a place that could come the next day – ARS. Evidently they advertise a lot out there. The next day, the tech called me while he was there to say a short term fix would be $350 but really I needed a new unit at about $8k. I had to ask multiple times what was wrong with the unit. Long story short, he finally said the compressor was drawing too many amps and needed to be replaced. I had to ask for a quote on just a compressor fix – that was $2k.

Not knowing what really needed to be done – I told him I would get another opinion. That’s where Yelp comes in. I did a search and called the highest rated companies. It was hard to find places that weren’t too busy. One company said they’d be out but never showed after my tenant stayed home from work. Frustrated to say the least.

But then Larry at Bunten talked to me about the issue I had and said he could ck it out the next day. He did as he said – and imagine my complete surprise when my tenant told me the unit was working and blowing cold air! He had cleaned it out and started it up. He said he didn’t think the compressor was going out – maybe the motor. But he said we’ll just wait and see how it does. It’s been a month now and my tenant is having no problems! I can’t thank Larry enough – it is truly heartwarming to know there are such reliable and honest people out there! And when that unit has another issue – Larry is the man! Thank you! Thank you!