After being handed from booked-up business to booked-up business this first cold morning of the winter, I talked to Larry at Bunten. He was courteous, and offered to “swing by” on the way back from another job. My equipment is all outside so he agreed to look at it and call me if he needed to get in.

My work is demanding and this is a rent house where I must be conscientious about maintenance, but I really didn’t have much time to go home. Then Larry called back and said he’d not only looked at it but fixed it, didn’t need to get in the house and all was well. He didn’t know me from Adam! I’d given him no credit card number or anything, but he trusted me and did the work. Thank goodness some things about Austin have stayed the same! Needless to say I arranged to pay him quickly and that was that. I’m in love and planning a long-term relationship with Bunten.